Tutor Learning Outcomes

Tutoring is a complex practice that embodies many learning processes and the fluid application of skills that go well beyond content knowledge as tutors interact with a wide range of tutees and their needs. This tutor program aims, through training, education, mentoring, and opportunities for personal growth, to assist tutors to meet the following learning outcomes. We acknowledge that each tutor brings their own personal history and experiences to tutoring and encourage their use as building blocks to construct a reflective tutoring practice as they work towards these outcomes.

KPU tutors will be able to:

  • Follow Learning Centre recommended best practices and standards of service.
  • Work independently with a diverse and widely-dispersed team in a tutoring environment.
  • Use proficient communication skills in both oral and written English in a tutoring environment.
  • Productively engage with accented non-standard English speakers.
  • Adapt tutoring strategies and input to respond appropriately to differing learner needs.
  • Balance the learners’ expressed needs, the assignment instruction criteria, and the tutor’s perceptions of the learning needs.
  • Provide tutoring input that is feasible for learners to follow.
  • Structure tutoring to conform to time limits and tutoring priorities.
  • Search for, select, and demonstrate appropriate resources from a broad-range of academic materials.
  • Judge when a referral is needed (when a request is beyond one’s knowledge and ability framework) and effectively refer learners to appropriate resources.
  • Employ ethical standards and practices which:
  • Encourage academic honesty.
  • Encourage learner independence/responsibility.
  • Adhere to the KPU code of ethics for tutoring.
  • Maintain tutor role boundaries.
  • Explain and apply KPU tutoring policies and procedures.
  • Commit to ongoing development of tutoring skills through ongoing training programs and mentoring opportunities.


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