20 Self Evaluation, Tutee and Other Feedback, and Certification

The Tutor Appraisal and Certification process will be initiated with your Learning Strategist and Supervisor and will use the following elements:

  • Self-Evaluation Form for Level II (following pages)
  • Feedback on Tutoring from Tutees
  • Observation of Tutoring by Learning Strategist
  • Learning Centre Tutor Appraisal with Learning Strategist and Supervisor
  • Completion of your Tutor Training Process Log

This is an ongoing process intended to help you, as a Tutor, improve to better help your Tutees.

Please Note:

Your Tutor Training Process Log will be used to certify that you have completed the requirements for this level of tutor training. Please keep this document in a safe place that you can readily access as it will be used to verify your progress and level of competence as a tutor.


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