12 Follow Learning Centres Procedures (including begin Tutor Certification Process)

Refer to Learning Centre Procedures documentation from the Learning Centre Coordinator on your campus. This information will also include where to find:

  • Tutoring Sessions Weekly Chart
  • Bi-Weekly Time Sheet (A1026)
  • Other documents as needed.

KPU Tutor Certification

We offer the KPU tutor training program with three levels of certification:

  • 1) Essentials (Level I)
  • 2) Intermediate (Level II)
  • 3) Advanced (Level III)

You currently will have Level I certification and are working Level II which you will get at the end of this semester if you:

  • Complete the Level II tutor training and development program with the additional 6 hours of integration exercises and debriefing.
  • Attend tutor meetings as required.
  • Write personal reflective journal entries and reflection on tutoring skills and tutor training.
  • Receive feedback from Tutees.
  • Participate in Moodle activities and discussions.
  • Satisfactorily demonstrate your tutoring skills while being observed by a faculty member.
  • Debrief with Faculty Observer.
  • Coaching with a Learning Strategist in the Learning Centre.
  • Tutor a minimum of 25 hours at Level II – use the tracking sheets provided by your supervisor for yourself. Our Tutor Appointment system will be used to validate your contact tutoring hours.
  • Meet with you coordinator at least once a month to discuss how you are doing with your tutoring and your tutees, as well as review your progress through the online materials.
  • Complete the self-evaluation form and attend the final appraisal meeting.
  • Tutor performance appraisal by Learning Centre Coordinator and Tutor Supervisor to review the semester and identify next steps.

The Intermediate Fundamentals six hour training and the activities that you will complete during the first week or two of the semester are key parts of the Level II tutor training requirements.

You can earn Level III certification in later semesters if you do the work that is part of each of those levels.


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