18 Utilize Presentation Skills (use scripts for class visits)

Tutors are asked to attend sessions in the Learning Centres or in classrooms to explain what the Learning Centre is and how Tutoring works. You will work with the Learning Centre Coordinators and Learning Strategists in this endeavour. The following gives a general outline of how these session are constructed.

Bridge to Topic – Introduction

This element of a presentation is also known as “the hook.” It is intended to be the aspect of the presentation that grabs the attention of the members of the audience, and provides them with some reason to be interested in the presentation. It helps the audience members answer the question “Why should I listen to this?” The bridge is established at/near the beginning of the presentation.

Presentation Purpose(s) / Objective(s)

This element answers the question “what is the point of the presentation?” It focuses the presentation, identifying what the members of the audience will gain or what they will be expected to do or understand by the end of the presentation.

Pre-assessment of Audience

This element answers the questions “who are the members of my audience? How familiar are they with my topic and my content? What do they know? What do they want or need to know?” A pre-assessment identifies the characteristics, existing knowledge and needs of your audience.


This element comprises the major portion of the presentation. It is the body of what you want to say or present. It should connect directly to the purpose or bridge. Clearly state your message and main points. Give adequate support to each point.

The Audience should be given questions to consider, a problem to ponder, an object or process to watch, or other way to keep them engaged with the topic and stay in touch with the Purpose.


Allow time for questions and refer to any resources that you have given or will be providing afterwards.

Summary / Closure

This element ends your presentation. End effectively by referring to your purpose. Give a summary of your main points and leave the audience with a clear understanding of what is expected at the next step.

Develop a Script Activity:

Using the template below, develop a script that you might use to explain your tutoring activities to an audience of fellow students.

Bridge to Topic: Introduction


Presentation Purpose(s) / Objective(s)


Pre-assessment of Audience


Presenter                        Audience/Participants                                                         Aids                                              Time










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