Chapter 6: Training Delivery

Training delivery refers to how learning objectives are communicated, presented, and taught to an audience. It includes methods, techniques, and materials used to structure knowledge, experiences, and behaviors through learning development. Trainers need to ensure they find ways of delivering information to trainees/employees that are effective, well-received and applicable. This can be done through offering a variety of materials and using different tools, finding innovative ways to engage participants, administering assessments, evaluating learning, providing feedback, and re-evaluating current delivery styles to ensure the training’s effectiveness and to support individual/group learning needs.

Training delivery needs to be relatable and should benefit the audience (Campbelltow, 2021). Throughout this open education resource, we will discuss what a lesson plan is, how to be an effective trainee/trainer, problems and challenges that can arise with delivery, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, and the impacts of technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding and being able to apply the different types of delivery methods to conduct a successful training session
  • How to create and design an effective lesson plan
  • How to effectively identify and resolve problems in training delivery
  • How to use and properly leverage technology in delivery

Authors: Analita Nand, Amanda Kooner, Darren Chen, Karen Lally, Sonia Kahlon


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