Section 8.6: Test Your Knowledge

Bhavnit Sarai; Daniela San Pedro; and Hannah Doyle

Based on the following questions, write a journal entry

  1. When was the last time you received off-the-job training at your job?
  2. What was your experience like?
  3. What kind of methods did your employer use?
  4. What is something you would do differently from the employer’s point of view?
  5. Do you prefer off-the-job training or on-the-job training? Why?

Respond and reflect on the following two scenarios:

Scenario 1: You are a manager or HR practitioner for a mid-sized organization. The organization has decided to implement diversity and inclusion training for all employees. The organization would like the training to be available for all current employees and new hires. Should you choose off-the-job or on-the-job training, and what types of instructional media should be used?

Scenario 2: You are a training manager in a medium-sized business that is facing a decline in profits as reported by their finance team. You find that the performance of the sales department has been in steady decline for the last year. Sales volumes are decreasing more each month, and sales employees have told you there has been some confusion with the new sales tracking system implemented last year. As the training manager, which off-the-job training method would you implement to increase sales in the organization?


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