Section 7.1: Types of On-the-job Training

Manmeet Brar; Sonia Bolina; and Shazia Kazani

There are several approaches to on-the-job training that an employer may implement to help employees progress in their training and gain experience.

Structured on-the-job training is a plan that includes a checklist of tasks and details on who will supervise and set goals for the training. It contains the steps the employee will need to take to progress in the training. This approach takes more time to organize on the part of the employer, but it is considered an effective way of ensuring the employee is properly prepared for the position (Indeed, 2021).

Unstructured on-the-job training is an approach in which the employee observes an experienced employee for a certain amount of time, depending on the skills required to be learned. Unlike the structured approach, this type of training does not take as long to organize, and it is suitable for positions or tasks that do not involve difficult or specialized tasks. The training is easily customized to the role and the existing skills and knowledge of the employee (Indeed, 2021).

Benefits of On-the-job Training

There are several benefits of on-the-job training for employees and employers.

Employee benefits: paid training, skills development, improved retention, a team atmosphere and coaching is received during the training period.

Employer benefits: Focused and relevant learning, cost-effective, increased employee engagement and improved organization loyalty.

On-the-job training is focused on employees’ needs and allows them to access information quickly without having to wait for a future training session. Employers can choose from the many flexible learning tools available to make learning relevant and engaging. Skills are learned when they are applied using the correct tools, and on-the-job training uses real-time experience, which allows the employees to explore their area more in depth (Bleich, 2018).


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