Section 13.4: Test Your Knowledge

Manpreet Binning; Tanjit Rai; and Jolene Neufeld

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Reflective Questions

  • Planning is the first step in the performance management cycle. It is crucial that an organization plans how it will manage performance within an organization in order to achieve optimal success. Suppose you are given the task of setting a few performance management objectives for a cashier at a retail store. What would you include? Why would this be useful? How would you measure this?
  • Describe how regular check-ins benefit the employee/manager relationship.
  • Reflect on a coaching session you have had with your manager/supervisor. What did you like, and what did you not like?
  • You are to give a performance review to an employee that has not performed well in this period. How will you start this conversation? How will you make sure you get your points across in order to see changes in the near future? Explain.
  • Describe one of your performance review meeting experiences. Did you feel the manager helped guide you? Was there anything the manager could have done to improve your experience?
  • Are goals clearly defined at your workplace? How does your workplace measure your progress in terms of meeting your goals?


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