Tutor Level One Learning Objectives

Content matches topics and time requirements for KPU TLC practices and Level One Certification.

Level I Fundamentals Learning Objectives

  • Identify the Scope of Peer Tutoring in the Learning Centres
  • Define Peer Tutoring Roles and Responsibilities
  • Behave Ethically when Tutoring
  • Analyze Tutoring Situations Where Ethical Choices are Made
  • Plan Tutor Sessions
  • Utilize the Tutoring Cycle
  • Communicate Effectively as a Tutor
  • Use Critical Questioning
  • Define Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Use Referrals (When You Need Assistance)
  • Identify When to Stop the Tutoring Process

Level I Integration Learning Objectives

  • Follow Learning Centres Procedures (including Begin Tutor Certification Process)
  • Begin Tutor Certification Process
  • Complete LASSI (study skills for success) and Debrief with a Learning Strategist
  • Create Reflective Journal Entries on Tutoring Practices
  • Integrate Adult Learning Basics into Tutoring
  • Discuss Issues of Copyright (including Fair Dealing)
  • Practise Academic Integrity
  • Set a Professional and Welcoming Environment
  • Shadow Tutoring Sessions
  • Plan Sessions and Document the Tutor Processes
  • Self-Evaluate, Receive Tutee and Other Feedback, Create Tutoring Goals


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