28 Plan Sessions and Document the Tutor Processes

Using the materials from this manual:

  • Create two Session Plans with the template on page 16


  • In your plan, incorporate Critical Questioning on pages 27 – 29


Where possible, you will do ongoing planning for your tutoring sessions. You will be sharing your plans with your Trainer and with other Tutors who tutor in the same subject areas. They will be able to help you adapt your plans and questions to the most probable situations that you may encounter. Before you start your first tutoring session, you will have at least two plans that you could use.

After each tutoring session that you do, you will also record notes of the session as stated on page 19 in your workbook. In various disciplines this may be called journaling, field notes, diary, logbooks, etc. What is important is that you document what happened so that when you meet with the tutee next, you can refer to your notes and pick up from where you left off. Discuss this process with your LCC or Learning Strategist. Use a notebook to document your session plan, including the date, times, subject, goals, actions, etc. Do not write in personal information such as phone or student numbers that might breech confidentiality. We may ask you to make short notes in our online tutoring platform so we can also identify student needs more readily in our statistical analysis process for the Learning Centres.


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