26 Shadow 1: Tutoring Cycle in a Tutoring Session

Before your first shadowing, review the elements of the Tutoring Cycle on page 17 of the KPU Peer Tutor Training Workbook – Level One.

Just before you shadow the session, show the Tutor Cycle to the tutor you are observing to let them know what you’re looking for. Then, as you watch, note how the tutor structures or organizes the tutoring session. Later, answer the questions below. Not all sessions will include every component.

Welcome – Tutor to Tutee – What did the tutor do to set the tutee at ease?




Tutee Agenda Request – How did the tutor identify the tutee’s needs and allow them to be in charge of the session?




Probe to identify Scope / Plan – How did the tutor probe the tutee’s level of understanding and create a manageable agenda?




Focus on an Achievable Objective – In what ways did the tutor reduce the task into an achievable objective with manageable steps? Did they check in with the tutee and get their agreement?




Align (and Realign) to meet tutee needs – What ways did the tutor use questioning to understand the tutees approach to learning?




Tutor Input and Modelling – Describe the exchange of information and how the tutor modelled the content materials.




Tutee Response – How did the tutor check for tutee understanding? What questions did the tutor use to help the tutee summarize?




Tutor Feedback – How did the tutor respond to the tutee to give constructive and specific feedback?




Resources – What resources did the tutor provide, refer to or create for this session? How did the tutor direct the tutee to future content? Did they provide an activity to reinforce proficiency?




Review – Did the tutor direct the tutee to look at the underlying process and the progress that the tutee has made? Document comments that the tutor used to confirm the tutee’s learning and convey the positive value of this learning.




Closure – Was another session suggested and planned? How did the tutor maintain the professionalism during the session and then wrap it up?




Debrief with Your Trainer

Discuss your insights with your Trainer. Be prepared to ask questions about how you might apply the cycle in your own tutoring.



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