30 Learning Centre Tutor Self-Evaluation

The first page of this form help you keep a record of your tutor training activities as you work towards Level 1 certification. Update this record every week to track your tutor training activities.

The last page, which you will fill in during the last full week of the semester, asks you to reflect on your experiences.

Email this completed form to your Learning Centre Coordinator during the last week of the semester before the exam period.

Tutor Name:  





Identify the dates that you submitted each of the Tutor Training Integration Activities Modules.

Module Date Module Date
Completed Basic Tutor Training – 6 hr Followed Learning Centres Procedures
Began Tutor Certification Process Discussed Issues of Copyright (including Fair Dealing)
Completed LASSI (study skills for success) and Debrief with a Learning Strategist Set a Professional and Welcoming Environment


Created Reflective Journal Entries on Tutoring Practices Shadowed Tutoring Sessions


Integrated Adult Learning Basics into Tutoring Planned Sessions and Document the Tutor Processes
Completed Self Evaluation, Received Tutee and Other Feedback, Created Tutoring Goals

Tutoring Experience

Record the number of hours of actual tutoring you do each week. Do not include meeting time or time spent on Moodle.

Date Total
Hours tutored

Journal Entries

You are required to do one journal each week beginning in your third week of work. The topics below are optional; they are suggested to give you some ideas about what to write about.

Fill in the chart below, giving a title to each journal entry, and entering the date that you submit each journal as well as its number.

  • What are the most important things you’ve learned about tutoring so far and how did you learn them?
  • What are some questions you’d like your trainer to answer?
  • Describe a tutoring session that you did this week. What went well? What could you have done better?
  • Describe a problem that you ran into while tutoring.
  • Describe a tutoring activity that you used that went well. What made it work well?
  • What do you think you need to learn to become a more effective tutor?
  • Describe some ways you try to get tutees to practise or apply what they are learning.
  • What could you do in your responses to encourage tutees to be more independent and less dependent on you?
Topic Date Journal #
Record your Total Number of Journal Entries: Total  

Reflection on Tutoring Skills

  1. What skills or courses have you mainly tutored this semester?




  1. How would you describe your attendance and punctuality to work shifts, to individual tutoring sessions and to meetings? (circle)
Excellent Adequate Needs Work


  1. What are your strengths as a tutor?




  1. a) In what areas would you like to strengthen your tutoring skills?





4. b)  What would help you to strengthen your skills in these areas. Include suggestions about what you can do and what faculty might help you with (e.g. topics for tutor meetings).





Reflection on Tutor Training

  1. What aspects of tutor training did you find most useful? Please comment on why you think they were useful.





  1. What aspects of tutor training did you find least useful? Please comment on why you think they were not useful.




  1. Other comments you would like to make about the Learning Centre or about the job of peer tutoring.





  1. What suggestions can you make for topics for future tutor training / meetings?






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Faculty Observations:








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