31 KPU Peer Tutor Level 1 Development Log

Peer Tutor:                                                                 Primary Campus:

Reporting to Learning Centre Coordinator (Name):

Content Area(s) Tutored:

Senior Tutor Coach:

Semester/Year (e.g. Summer 2022):

Training Learning Strategist:

Supervising Learning Centre Coordinator:

Verify these items with your Learning Centre Coordinator (LCC):

Activity Due Date Completed Signed by


Complete all Level I Fundamental Training pre-session and session exercises. Prior to first tutoring shift
Complete an orientation to the Learning Centres services, resources and procedures. Prior to first tutoring shift
Complete training on and use tutor appointment system for creating a complete tutor profile, scheduling, and documenting information about each appointment Prior to first tutoring shift
Complete peer tutoring shadowing #1 and #2. Complete workbook “Shadowing Tutoring” exercises in the training manual. Debrief with your LCC. By Second week of training
Prepare and show 1 session plan and resources for your first tutoring sessions. First week of tutoring
Review tutee feedback from a minimum of 6-8 tutees (provided by your LCC) Week 7 of tutoring
Complete a self-evaluation of your tutoring to contribute to summative evaluation. Prior to the end of the semester
Complete active tutoring (25 hours).
Attended Tutoring Hours____________
As scheduled

Notes and questions:





Schedule and complete these items with your Learning Strategist cohort trainer:

Activity Due Date Completed Signed by LS
Complete the LASSI and debrief this with your Learning Strategist and/or cohort. Second cohort meeting
Arrange for your cohort Learning Strategist (LS) to observe a tutoring session and then provide you with a debriefing session OR you will record a video of a session (with permission from your tutee) in preparation for debriefing with your cohort LS. First 1-2 weeks of tutoring

Schedule and complete these items with your content area Senior Tutor:

Activity Due Date Completed Signed by LCC or LS
Meet with a Senior Tutor to review your first draft Session Plan. First 2 weeks of tutoring
Review and adjust your first session plan. After session
Meet with Learning Strategist to review session plan. (this may happen before the above meeting) Before or after session

Notes and questions:




Complete these Reflective Practice items as scheduled below. Reflective practice will be discussed in cohort meetings, and completion of reflective practice requirements will be confirmed by your LCC.

Activity – Reflective Practice Due Date Completed Signed by LCC or LS
Write your first two reflective journals according to the direction given in your Foundation training session. Second week
Write an additional 2-3 journals and bring to the next cohort meeting.
Identify areas in which you are doing well and review ways in which you would like to improve.
Before week 5
Meet with your LCC or a LS to review tutoring materials you are using or that you have created. Weeks 5-6 of tutoring
Arrange a time for the final discussion of your reflective journals (minimum of 6 journals total). Week 8 of tutoring
Self-Evaluation completion. Identify your tutoring strengths and review your professional growth as a tutor. Evaluate the effectiveness of your plans. Prior to the end of the semester
Book and attend a summative appraisal meeting to discuss you Learning Centre tutor Self Evaluation. Prior to the end of the semester


Satisfactory completion of all items will lead to your Level One Tutoring Certificate.


Completion of Level 1 Peer Tutor Requirements for Certification Sign Off

After all of the above items have been completed:


Number of attended tutoring hours:


Date completed:

Learning Centre Coordinator name:



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