25 Shadow Tutoring Sessions

You will be shadowing another Peer Tutor during one of their tutoring sessions. To set this up, you will work with your Trainer to:

1) Schedule the shadow session: Review tutor schedule and find a time when an experienced tutor is booked for an appointment. Check with your faculty Learning Strategist and Learning Centre Coordinator to help book a shadowing.

2) Prepare for the shadow session: To prepare for each observation, you first need to read the appropriate material and questions that will show you what to look for in each observation. See:
Shadow 1, The Parts of the Tutoring Cycle and Shadow 2, Communication Skills on the next page to find the instructions for this preparation reading.

3) Wait for permission to attend: At the time scheduled for shadowing, wait for the tutor to ask permission from the student for the session. If the tutee does not agree, you’ll have to find another time to shadow. However, usually tutees are fine about being observed if they understand the purpose of the session for the tutor trainee.

4) Meet the tutee: If the tutee gives permission, the tutor will let you know and you should come over to the table and sit across from where the tutor and tutee are working. The tutor will introduce you to the tutee.

5) Watch the tutoring, but don’t participate in the session. Bring a pad of paper and take notes based on the questions that you will need to answer for each session.

6) After the session, answer the assigned questions.


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