27 Shadow 2: Communication Skills in the Tutoring Session

Before your second shadowing, read the questions below and then review Communicate Effectively as a Tutor on pages 21-26 in the KPU Peer Tutor Training Workbook.

Before you start the session, show these questions to the tutor you will be observing so that they know what you’re looking for. Note the communication strategies used by the tutor in the session. You want to answer the questions below.

  1. How did the tutor show their listening skills?



  1. What percentage of the time did the tutor spend talking compared to the tutee talking?



  1. Were there periods of silence during the session?
    What were the tutor and tutee doing at those times?



  1. What kinds of questions did the tutor ask? List some of these questions.



  1. What purposes do you feel the tutor had in asking questions?



  1. What kinds of body language did the tutee and tutor exhibit?



  1. How was feedback given to the tutee? How did the tutee react?



  1. What ideas or insights about tutoring did this give you?



Debrief with Your Trainer

Discuss your insights with your Trainer. Be prepared to ask questions about how you might apply these techniques in your own tutoring.



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