Tutor Level Three Learning Objectives

Content matches topics and time requirements for KPU TLC practices and Level Three Certification.

Level III Fundamentals Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on Your Personal Strengths as a Tutor
  • Review Tutor Competencies
  • Analyze Approaches to Tutoring
  • Build Tutoring Relationships Based on Trust and Expertise
  • Analyze Difficult Tutoring Situations
  • Identify Transferable Skills
  • Communication Your Tutoring Accomplishments
  • Consider Portfolio Thinking
  • Identify Information for Inclusion in a Tutoring Portfolio
  • Structure Your Tutoring Portfolio

Level III Integration Learning Objectives

  • Follow Learning Centres Procedures
  • Complete TECII (2) and Debrief with a Learning Strategist
  • Create Supplemental Materials for Tutees
  • Collate Session Plans and Document the Tutor Processes
  • Self-Evaluate, Receive Tutee and Other Feedback, Create Future Goals
  • Create Reflective Journal Entries on Tutoring Practices
  • Develop a Personal Tutoring Philosophy
  • Consolidate a Personal Tutoring Portfolio
  • Complete all Tutor Certification Processes, Create Future Goals


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