18 Consolidate a Personal Tutoring Portfolio

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist

PebblePad as a Platform to showcase your Portfolio

PebblePad is a fully featured web application to build your digital portfolio. You can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups. It is customizable and flexible, allowing you to collect, reflect on and share your achievements and development online in a space you control. KPU uses the PebblePad software as a platform for digital portfolios. You will have the opportunity for a hands-on session to learn how to use PebblePad to organize your Tutoring Portfolio.


Start by having your tutor mentor help you create an account on PebblePad.

Then start adding your artefacts, beginning with your new statement of tutoring philosophy that you have created from the Level Three workbook.

  • Refer back to the Structure your ePortfolio materials

You will also have session plans, supplemental materials, and reflective journal entries that you can pick from to create your personal Tutoring Portfolio.

Tutor Evidence Activity:

Item Evidence/


Location in Portfolio
Tutoring Products (e.g. Lesson plans, Learning    Aids or resources created by you)  



Reflection on Responsibilities and Practices (e.g. Reflective journal samples)  



Professional Development to Improve Tutoring (e.g. Additional workshops, specialized training events)  



Steps Taken to Evaluate Your Own Tutoring (e.g. TECII, LASSI)  



Feedback From Others (colleagues, TLC staff, faculty – e.g. evaluations)  



Scholarship of Tutoring and Learning (e.g. Publications, conferences)





Outside Activities that Support tutoring and Learning (e.g. Leadership, TLC/KPU event support, Tutors and Scholars club)  



Other Artefacts or Sources of Information About Your Tutoring  




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