15 Create Supplemental Materials for Tutees

During your time as a tutor, you have identified specific situations in your content area that come up over and over. These may include concepts that have to mastered before moving on, rubrics that have to be used, or any other reoccurring area that may be problematic for learners.

By now, you will have been integrating what to learn in your subject areas with some modelling of how to learn (Level Two Learning Strategies). These will be materials and strategies that you have found useful to help your tutees dig into these areas, deepen their understanding, and ability to analyze and evaluate using the materials they are learning. All of these strategies can be written out as appropriate models of thinking, organization and mastery in a given area. Your session plans will give you the basic outline and the following template can be used to produce tutoring and tutee activities that support learning.

Supplemental Activity





Learning Objective:


Concept to be Applied:



Activity by the Tutor:






Tutee Learning Activity:












Assessment for Learning:




Next Steps:




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