11 Structure Your Portfolio

When you have chosen the platform (e.g. PebblePad) that you will use to design your ePortfolio, the next step is to develop the portfolio pages. Then, you will begin adding content.

Consider the following structure:

Page Title Purpose of the Page Content and Artefacts to Include
Home/ Landing Page To provide an overall reflection of who you are as a professional ·       About Me

·       Brief statement of tutoring philosophy

·       Photos/images that represent you

Training/ Professional Development To reflect the skills you have developed as you have completed the three levels of training and any specialized training ·       Training events completed

·       Journals and reflections on how training has impacted your work and professional growth

Tutor Development To reflect your growth as a tutor and regular reflection on practice ·       Reflective journals

·       Materials developed for use with students (e.g. Learning Aids, session plans)

·       Three current goals for professional growth

·       Self-rating on your growth objectives

Testimonials To support your own reflections with feedback from tutees and colleagues ·       Tutee feedback (anonymous and used with permission)

·       Feedback from your Learning Centre Coordinator, Learning Strategist, and/or Faculty Mentor

Keepers/ Resources To keep a record of key content (articles, books, videos) that influences your current professional practice ·       Links to external articles and resources, with brief reflections on their relevance to your practice


If you have been diligent in completing your tutor training to this point, you will already have many of the resources needed for these portfolio pages. Access and scan these resources as needed.

Next, create the portfolio structure on PebblePad or in another format determined in consultation with your Learning Centre Coordinator. You may want to adapt the page structure or titles if you wish to frame your tutoring experiences in light of your larger career or educational plans.

Continue your Tutor Training

This concludes the Fundamentals section of the KPU Level Three Tutor Training program.

You will continue your Integration and content training under the guidance of your Learning Centre Coordinator, Learning Strategists, and faculty mentors.

Good Luck in your continuing Tutoring activities.


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