12 Integration Learning Objectives

Level Three Integration Exercises (6 hours)

Congratulations on finishing your Level Three Fundamentals Tutor Training! You now have more information to build on your Level One and Two Fundamentals and Integration in tutoring concepts, experience, and situations that you may encounter as a Tutor.

You began with your application and interview to become a Tutor at KPU’s Learning Centres, completed your twelve hour Fundamentals and Integration sessions in both Levels I & II, Tutoring for a minimum of 50 hours, and now have completed your Advanced Fundamentals session, including your workbook exercises, explanations, and discussions.

The process that you will now follow to continue your tutoring will help you continue to help others. You will continue your training using Moodle for exercises and documents as well as working with your Learning Centre Coordinator, other members of the Learning Centre Team, and your Faculty mentor.

Level III Integration Learning Objectives

  • Follow Learning Centres Procedures
  • Complete TECII (2) and Debrief with a Learning Strategist
  • Create Supplemental Materials for Tutees
  • Collate Session Plans and Document the Tutor Processes
  • Self-Evaluate, Receive Tutee and Other Feedback, Create Future Goals
  • Create Reflective Journal Entries on Tutoring Practices
  • Develop a Personal Tutoring Philosophy
  • Consolidate a Personal Tutoring Portfolio
  • Complete all Tutor Certification Processes, Create Future Goals


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