19 Develop a Personal Tutoring Philosophy

What is your tutoring perspective and philosophy? How does this described point of view extend your story and evidence? Dr. Dan Pratt and Dr. John Collins have done extensive work in this area and make available an online inventory to help you identify your perspective at http://www.teachingperspectives.com/. Their Teaching Perspectives Inventory measures teachers’ orientations to their roles as managers of the learning process. The Inventory yields five alternative points of view (perspectives) on teaching by asking structured questions about teachers’ actions in the teaching (tutoring) setting, their intentions how they organize the learning situation, and their beliefs about fundamental principles of learning and teaching. You can utilize this tool to identify how close your actions, intentions, and beliefs are aligned in each perspective.

Philosophy of Tutoring and Learning Draft Activity:


What do I do that encourages, enables, and/or empowers learning for myself and/or others?








What do I intend my tutoring to do for myself and/or others?








What do I believe is important about tutoring and learning?







Draft Philosophic Statement of Tutoring and Learning

















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