The Sick Farmer

Chelsea Smith; Dana Vanderhorst; Gurkirat Ghai; Inderpreet Bal; and Shahir Irshad

It’s already morning! It is time to work at the farm. The farmer must harvest corn, but oh no, the farmer is sick!

Cow: –Attention animals! The farmer is sick this morning.

The animals gather.""

Hen: –Oh no! What are we going to do?

Dog: –Yes! Today is the harvest.

Horse: –We cannot sell corn without the harvest.

The hen, the dog and the horse begin to cry and say:

–How are the animals going to eat?

Cow: –Let’s help the farmer today. Let’s harvest the corn together.

Horse: –Good idea, Cow! I am a horse and I am strong. I’m going to cut the corn stalks.

Dog: –Good, and I am a dog and I am fast. I’m going to collect the cobs.

Hen: –I am a hen and my beak is sharp. I am going to grind the corn to make flour.

Cow: –Perfect! I, the cow, am intelligent. I’m going to take care of the farmer and bring him soup.

The animals scatter. Thus, the animals work on the farm and harvest the corn.

Horse: –This is hard work. The farmer will be very happy!

Dog: –Collecting cobs is very difficult. I’m very tired!


Cow: –It’s one in the afternoon. It’s time to eat.

Hen: –Yes, I am very hungry.

The animals go together to eat. The animals eat bread with cheese and drink cow’s milk. Then it’s time to get back to work.

Horse: –I’m almost done cutting the corn stalks. I am going to help the dog to collect the cobs.

Dog: –Thank you for your help. You are a good friend. We must help the hen too.

Hen: –Thank you for helping me. We are going to make corn flour tortillas.

The animals go to the farm to keep the cow company.""

The animals finish the corn harvest and the farmer feels better because of the cow’s soup.

They are going to the market to sell the corn and the flour.

The farmer is very happy for the animal’s help and hard work.


Moral: When you work as a team hard work becomes enjoyable.


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