A Day with Mia

Lisa Weaver

A little female dog named Mia was adopted by a family that lived on a farm with lots of animals. Every day, Mia was in the house with the humans and she watched the animals from the window. Over time, Mia grew bigger and stronger. She wondered:


– When will I be able to play with the animals?

Then one day, her owner opened the door so she could meet the other animals. Mia was very excited because she wanted to make new friends.

She walked towards the chickens and asked them:

– Do you want to be my friends?

A chicken said:

– No! because you don’t walk like us.

Mia was confused. So, she walked towards the beautiful horses because she thought:

– Horses have four legs and I have four legs too. Maybe they want to be my friends. Mia asked them:

– Do you want to be my friends?

A horse replied:

– No! because you are very short and we are very tall.

Mia was very sad. She looked around the farm and hoped to find some friends who looked like her. She saw some cows in the field and thought:

– Cows have black and white hair and I also have black and white hair.

She ran to the fence and shouted:

– Cows, do you want to be my friends?

– Mooooo! repeat after me…mooo! – said the cow.

Mia barked: -Woof, woof!

The cow replied: – Nooooo! You don’t sound like us, so we can’t be your friends.

The sad female dog lost hope. She looked around the farm and found some pigs on top of the hill. Mia thought:

– Pigs are pink, but they look the same size as me.


She walked to the bottom of the hill and she asked:

– Do you want to be my friends?

One of the pigs ran towards the fence and smelling Mia said:

– You’re not stinky enough like us.

The very lonely female little dog ​​walked home to eat her dinner on the porch. After eating she went to take a nap.

She woke up to the sound of a wolf howling:


– A-ooooooooo!

Mia looked outside and it was night. She left the house to listen to the sound. Mia knew the sound was familiar because Mia can howl too.

The sound came from where the chickens lived. She saw the wolf and noticed that the wolf looked like her. Mia was very excited because she finally found a friend like her.

Mia howled: – A-oooooo! You want to be my friend?

The wolf said: – No! I am hungry and I want to eat the chickens.

Mia said: – That’s not friendly at all!

The wolf growled at Mia and walked over to the fence where the chickens are. Mia thought:

– The chickens need my help and then she barked very loudly – ​​woof, woof, woof!


Her owner opened the door of the house and turned on the lights. The wolf ran into the forest.

The chickens looked at Mia and said:

– Thank you very much! We’re sorry. We were mean to you. What is your name? Do you want to be our friend?

Mia said: – Yes! I want to be your friend.

Finally, the other animals on the farm learned that Mia is nice, fun, and trustworthy. Mia now has many friends and the wolf never came back.


Moral: Be patient when meeting new people. Friends can come in many colors, sizes, and shapes.


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  • Illustrations by Lisa Weaver


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