The Flying Gilt

Czaina Beltran


One morning, a little gilt was walking in the park with her friend. It was a very windy day.

The gilt’s name was Nunnally.

Nunnally and her friend Korra saw other piggies playing in the field. They could hear them laugh and see them smile.

Nunnally saw them playing with something that could fly high in the sky.""

Curious, Nunnally and Korra walked towards them.

Nunnally approached one of the piggies and said:

– What is that? – pointing to the thing in the sky.

The piggy said: – That’s my kite.




Nunnally looked up at the sky and watched the kite. She thought to herself how fun it would be to fly.



Nunnally ran over to Korra. She was excited to tell her friend about her idea of ​​being a flying gilt.

""Nunnally wanted to tell Korra that she was going to fly like kites.

When she got to Korra, she sat down and said:

– I’m going to fly like those kites!

Korra looked at her, laughed and said:

– Pigs can’t fly!

Nunnally didn’t believe her and kept thinking about her plan.

When Nunnally got home she went straight to her room. She thought of different ways she could fly.

After a couple of hours, Nunnally found nothing. She was sad.

She thought that maybe if she had a kite she could use it to fly.

She wondered if they had a kite in the house.

She looked in the living room and then in the kitchen, but she didn’t find a kite. She was sad again, but she didn’t want to give up.

Nunnally decided to ask her parents if they could buy her a kite.

Her parents told her:

– You don’t need a kite, you already have many toys.

Nunnally went back to her room and cried.

The next morning, Nunnally met up with Korra and they went to school.

On her way to school, Nunnally saw the little pig in the park. He was the one with the kite.""

Nunnally ran up to him and asked if he still had his kite. He told her yes.

Nunally asked him:

– Could you lend me your kite for a day?

The little pig said: -Yes.

After school, Nunnally went to the park to start work on the kite.

She worked for hours, but when it was time to go home Nunnally was sad and tired because she still couldn’t fly like a kite.


That night she dreamed that she was flying through the sky.

In the dream, she was the kite and so the next morning she put herself to work. She made a kite of herself.

It was another windy day so he ran to the park.

She looked at the kite she made, it looked just like her. She smiled and began to fly the kite. She was finally flying!




Moral: Objectives are not always achieved as planned, but there are always different ways to achieve them.


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  • Illustrations by Czaina Beltran


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