Penny Cleans the Classroom

Trystan Jordan


Once upon a time there was a female puppy named Penny.

Penny is a very happy female pup ​​and loves to play.

Penny is very helpful and independent too.

She always tries to do everything on his own.

Yesterday it was sunny and the temperature was twenty degrees.

informative imageSo Penny got ready and she went to school.

When Penny arrived at school, her teacher asked her to clean the classroom.

She started cleaning by herself. Penny cleaned up all the toys and put them in the correct containers.

When she went to sweep the floor, Penny realized she couldn’t because her legs couldn’t hold the broom.

She thought and thought about how to sweep.

Then she saw her friend Eva, the female monkey, and asked her:

""– Eva, can you help me sweep the floor?

– Yes, I can help! –  Eva said.

Eva’s hands were able to hold the broom and sweep the floor.

– All done! -Eva said.

– Thanks, Eva! – Penny said.

Penny started to clean all the markers and pens, but when she was putting the pens away, one fell behind the desk. Penny couldn’t reach the pen and neither could Eva because they were too big.

They thought and thought about how to reach the pen. Then they saw their friend Charlie, the mouse, and asked him:

– Charlie, can you help us get the pen?


– Yes, I can help you! – Charlie said. Charlie was small enough to go behind the desk and grab the pen.

– Here’s the pen! – Charlie said.

– Thanks, Charlie! – Penny and Eva said.

Then Penny went to move the table back into place, but the table was too heavy.

– I can’t move the table! – Penny said.

– Neither can we! – Eva and Charlie said.

They thought and thought about how to move the table. Then they saw their friend Grizzly, the bear, and asked him:

""– Grizzly, can you help us move the table?

– Yes, I can help! – Grizzly said. Grizzly was strong enough to move the table.

– All done! – Grizzly said.

– Thanks, Grizzly! – Penny, Eva and Charlie said.

Then Penny saw that the rest of the cleaning supplies were on top of the shelf. Penny, Eva, Charlie and Grizzly couldn’t reach them because they are too short.

They thought and thought about how to reach the cleaning products. Then they saw their friend Olly, the owl, and asked him: – Olly, can you help us get the cleaning supplies?

informative image– Yes, I can help! – Ollie said. Olly flew up and grabbed the cleaning supplies.

– Here are the cleaning supplies! – Ollie said.

– Thanks, Olly! – Penny and her friends said.

Together they were able to clean the classroom.

– We did it! – They all shouted together.

The teacher entered the classroom and said: – Thank you very much for cleaning the classroom Penny!

– It wasn’t just me! – Penny said. – We did it as a team!

And looking at her friends Penny said: – Thanks for all your help, I couldn’t have cleaned the classroom without you.

Everyone went home feeling proud.


Moral: Teamwork achieves things that cannot be done alone.


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  • Illustrations by Trystan Jordan


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