The Girl with the Kite

Alexa Dobie

""There is a girl named Isabella.

She likes outdoor activities and plays with her friends.

This year is her ninth birthday and as a birthday present Isabella received a kite from her parents.

She was so excited to receive this gift, but her mom and dad told her not to fly the kite in bad weather.

The day after her birthday it was very windy and rainy.

""Despite what her parents told her, Isabella decided to take out the kite to fly it.

Isabella went to fly the kite near the school, but there was a storm.

The sky turned gray and dark. The wind was so strong that it blew Isabella’s kite away.

Isabella went home crying. She was very sad because she lost the kite.

Her parents took her to the park to look for the kite.""

They found the kite stuck high up in a tree.

Isabella’s parents took the kite down from the tree, but the kite is broken and damaged.

Isabella ran home crying because her kite was broken and went to sleep sad.

The next day, Isabella’s dad repaired the kite.

He put new wooden sticks on the back and patched up the damaged pieces of cloth.

""Isabella was sitting sad in her room when her parents brought her the repaired kite. Jumping and screaming Isabella says:

– Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Her mother hugs her and says:

– You’re welcome, Isabella! But you must remember what we told you. Don’t fly the kite in bad weather!

Isabella promised to only fly the kite when the weather is nice.

The next day the sun shines. Isabella goes to the park with her friends.

All the children have fun flying their kites.""

Isabella is very grateful for her kite.

She is very careful with the kite, as she doesn’t want to lose it again.

She watches her kite fly in the blue sky and thinks that it is something very special to her with a lot of meaning.

I will take care of this kite forever! – Isabella says.


Moral: Listen to your parents’ advice because they only want the best for you.


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  • Illustrations by Alexa Dobie


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