The Big Party

Randeep Kailay; Chae Lee; Maham Suhail; and Amrit Bhurji

A family of chickens, a family of rabbits, and a family of cows live on a farm. These families work hard to prepare food on the farm, but they don’t want to share food with each other. As they do not share their food, the families are not united, but the children of the families go to school together.

At school…

Characters: The cow, the rabbit, the hen, Teacher Ernesto.

(Scene 1)

Teacher Ernesto: –Hello students! How is everyone?

Students: –Good, teacher!

""Teacher Ernesto: –Today we are going to talk about food. What is your favorite food?

Rabbit: –I like carrots. Carrots are orange and very tasty.

Cow: –I always drink milk. The milk is white and creamy.

Hen: –I like bread. The bread is golden and very tasty.

Rabbit: –I never drink milk. I want to taste the milk!

Hen: –Me too!

Rabbit: –And I want to try the bread too!

Cow: –Me too!

Teacher Ernesto: –Good. Then you have a task. Bring food from home to share with your classmates tomorrow.

Students: –Yes, teacher. See you tomorrow!

(Scene 2)

Teacher Ernesto: –Hello students! Does everyone bring food?

Students: –Yes!

Cow: –I bring milk!

Rabbit: –I bring carrots!

Hen: –I bring bread!

Students: –Very delicious!

Teacher Ernesto: –Very good students! Thanks for sharing the food.

Rabbit: –Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m going to celebrate at my house. Come to my party!

Teacher Ernesto: –Where do you live?

Rabbit: –I live on farm 1, on 1 avenue, in Surrey.

Cow: –I also live on farm 1, on 1 avenue, in Surrey!

Hen: –I live on farm 1 too!

At home with their families…

(Scene 1 – at the cow family’s house)

Cow’s mom: –Hello, are you hungry?

Cow: –No, mom. At school the hen brought bread and the rabbit brought carrots. They tasted our milk. I must bring milk to the rabbit’s birthday party!

(Scene 2 – at the hen family’s house)


Hen: –Dad, milk is very delicious. I want to drink milk every day!

Hen’s dad: –Are you going to bring bread to the party? Then you must help cook bread for your friends.

Hen: –Of course, dad! I want to help.

(Scene 3 – at the rabbit family’s house)

Rabbit: –I am going to bring a lot of carrots for my friends at school. They will like them!

Rabbit’s mom: –Yes, sharing is good.

At the rabbit’s birthday…

All animals: –Hello, friends!

The hen and the cow: –Happy birthday rabbit!


Rabbit: –Thank you! Are you hungry? I have food for everyone.

Cow: –I brought milk!

Hen: –I brought bread!

Rabbit: –Thank you very much, friends!

The rabbit tastes the bread and says: –Very tasty! Then he looks at his mother and asks:

–Why don’t we have bread, mom?

The rabbit’s mom: –I’m sorry! We are not friends of the hens.

Rabbit:–Why not? We have to be friends with the hen family.

The rabbit tastes the milk and says: –Very tasty! Then he looks at his mother and tells her:

–We must be friends with the cow family too because milk is very delicious.

Cow:  –Yes, –she says sadly -We never have food to eat! Just milk!

Hen: –We never drink milk either! I have an idea, why don’t we have a big party so that our parents learn to share?

The rabbit and the cow: –Yes! It’s a great idea.

The big party…

The hen’s dad arrives at the party with the bread and says: –Hello! My name is Rodrigo. I brought bread.

The cow’s mom arrives at the party with the milk and says: –Good afternoon! My name is Linda. I brought milk.

The rabbit’s mom arrives at the party with carrots and says: –Nice to meet you! My name is Ramira. I brought carrots.

Rabbit: –Everything is very tasty!

(Everybody eat)

The hen’s dad: –I like milk and carrots. Very tasty!

The cow’s mom: –We should have a party on Sundays to share our food!

All animals: –Yes, excellent idea!

The rabbit’s mom: –Thanks for the food, see you next Sunday!

All animals:  –Goodbye and thank you!


Moral: Living with different customs brings friends and opportunities.


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