I Love to Help!

Miles Johnstone



Hello! My name is Bunbun and I am a rabbit.

I’m eight years old.

I have a mother and a sister too.

Their names are Shanna and Kara. Kara is my little sister.


""We live in a forest with many other animals.

There is too much to do.

No problem!

My favorite thing is helping my family and friends.


Last Saturday I helped with many things, but before I started helping I did my morning routine.""

In the morning, I got up at seven.

I went to the bathroom, took a shower and brushed my teeth.

Afterwards, I put on my favorite clothes.

I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. I ate three carrots. Carrots are my favorite food!


After breakfast I went to the bedroom of my little sister, Kara, and said:""

– Hi Kara! How are you?

Kara: – Hello, Bunbun! I need help with some things. I have to do my homework but I don’t understand it. I also need help baking a cake for our mom’s birthday. Can you help me?

Bunbun: – Of course, Kara!

First, we studied together and did homework.

Then we went to the kitchen and prepared the cake.

We mix 4 eggs with milk, flour and carrots and bake the cake for twenty minutes.


After helping Kara I left my house to visit my friend Nana.

My friend Nana is a snake.""

There’s been bad weather. It was raining and it was cold. I remember that the temperature was 0 degrees.

When I got to Nana’s house I realized that Nana was sad.

Bunbun: – Nana, are you okay? – I asked.

Nana: – No! Bunbun. The weather is bad and I’m alone. Can you spend time with me?

Bunbun: – Yes, of course, Nana!

We spent a lot of time together.

I suggested some things to do. First, we listen to her favorite music for 2 hours. Nana’s favorite music is Jazz.

Afterwards, I helped her clean the house. It is very difficult for Nana to clean because she has no hands.

Finally, we watched TV and had dinner.

Nana: – Thanks Bunbun, I’m fine now! – Nana said.

Bunbun: – You’re welcome, Nana! See you later!


Then I went back home for my mom Shanna’s birthday.""

I gave my mom the cake that Kara and I baked together. She was very happy with the cake.

We ate all the cake. We were very hungry!

After eating I got ready for bed.

I washed my face and took off my clothes. I went to bed and read a story for an hour.

I felt happy because I helped the people I love.

I fell asleep and after eight hours of sleep I woke up to have another good day.


Moral: Always help others.


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  • Illustrations by Miles Johnstone


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