My Red Rose

Jung Min (Annie) Chun



Hello! My name is Luna. I have four members in my family.

I love my mother and father very much. I love my little sister very much too.

I’m nine years old. My younger sister is five years old.

We like plants. We like to take care of plants. We also like to paint in our free time.




I love writing about flowers. I have a pot with a red rose.





A week ago, my mother and I went to the supermarket.

I saw many flowers. I saw a red rose.

My mother asked me: – What are you looking at Luna?

I need more plants in my garden – I replied to mom.




Hence, we bought the red rose and other plants and then we went home.



The next day I got up, took a shower and went to look at my red rose.

I had breakfast with my family and then I painted my red rose while my younger sister painted my mother’s plants.

Suddenly my younger sister said: – Luna, your red rose needs water!

You’re right! – I replied to my sister. – I will take care of my red rose. I am going to water my red rose because I want to see my red rose bloom, bloom, bloom! – I told her.

That day it was sunny and at night, it rained.""

I wanted to see my red rose bloom, bloom and bloom.

So, I put my red rose outside. I brushed my teeth and fell asleep at midnight.

The next day I got up in the morning and went outside. My red rose was wet.

I got sad and told my rose: – Oh no! I am sorry!

I put my red rose on the table at home and very sad I told my mom:""

– Mom, I don’t know how to take care of plants!

Your grandmother knows a lot about plants – said my mother.

– She knows how to take care of plants because she knows many jungles, forests, mountains and hills where plants grow.

Why don’t you go to your grandmother’s house and ask her for help? – Mom suggested.

Yes, good idea! – I replied.

I went to talk to my grandmother and told her:""

– Please, grandmother, I need information to take care of my red rose!

Later, I read a book about plants and I wrote about flowers.

I looked at my red rose for an hour and thought:

– My red rose needs sunlight and water, but too much water is not good for my red rose.

So I put my red rose on the table at home, but I put my red rose in front of the window near the sunlight.

The sunlight made my red rose redder. I was very happy!""

After two hours, I went to the park. I brought my red rose with me and I put my red rose under the sun. I practiced sports with friends for two hours and then my red rose and I said goodbye:

– Goodbye, friends! – And we went home.

At home I took a bath, had soup, ate bread and drank a glass of orange juice. I felt very good. I looked at my red rose and watched television. Then I went to bed at nine at night and thought:

– I like my red rose. I love taking care of plants.


Moral: Flowers need our love and care to blossom.


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  • Illustrations by Jung Min (Annie) Chun


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