The Bad Fox on Mr. Jorge’s Farm

Daniella Giuranno Aranha


Mr. Jorge is a very hard-working and happy farmer. He takes care of his animals with a lot of love and affection.

Mr. Jorge is walking through his farm:

–These apples are for my big brown horse and this melon is for my trusty black dog. These wheat grains are for my chickens.

Mr. Jorge really likes to feed his animals. With the help of his black dog he takes care of his animals. Therefore, they feel protected.

But a fox lives near the farm. The fox likes to eat animals. That is why the dog and Mr. Jorge are always alert. The fox’s favorite food is pigs because they are chubby.

The horse says:

–Mr. Jorge, I can also help you take care of the animals when you are busy planting seeds.

The cow says:

–Mr. Jorge, I can help you take care of the animals when you are busy cutting the wheat spikes.

The bull says:

– Mr. Jorge, I can help you take care of the animals when you are busy grinding wheat and preparing the flour.

Mr. Jorge says:

–You are very good animals!

The little pigs say:

–We are not afraid! We can play! Do you wants to play with us?

The hens say:

–We want to play with you!

Mr. Jorge looks at his farm and is proud that all the animals help each other, and play happily.

In the distance the fox appears. ""The fox looks at the pigs and thinks: –I’m going to eat all the chubby little pigs!

The fox, approaching the little pigs, says:

–Can I eat you all? You smell delicious!

The pigs are scared and run through the pigpen and barn. There they meet the cow and the hens.

The hens say:

–What’s wrong little pigs? Why are you all huffing and puffing?

The little pigs say:

–The fox is behind us, we need to distract him with something!

The cow says:

–I have an idea to distract him. Hens, you must leave the barn with the basket of blueberries that Mr. Jorge picked this morning. Then drop a few to draw the fox away from the barn door.

Suddenly the black dog comes through the back door of the barn.

The dog says:

–The fox is outside!

The hens say:

–We’re trying to get him away from the barn door.

The dog says:

–We have to catch him.

The hens says:

–We have an idea. Dog, in 15 minutes go to the apple tree and dig a big hole. Cover it with a pile of wheat and berries to attract the fox.


The dog runs to the apple tree and digs a big hole in the ground to catch the fox.

Meanwhile in the barn, the hens are leaving a trail of berries towards the apple tree.

The fox says:

–Oh, berries! I love berries, I’m sure the pigs are scared and are going to stay in the barn. Maybe I can eat some berries before I eat the little pigs.

The fox follows the trail of berries that the hens left behind and then sees a huge pile of wheat and berries next to the apple tree. To his surprise, the fox falls straight into the big hole and can’t get out.

The dog and the hens say:

–We got him, we got him!

The dog and the hens return to the barn where they find the cow telling Mr. Jorge of the plan.

The dog and the hens say:

–We caught the fox!

The animals take Mr. Jorge to the apple tree hole where the fox is trapped.

Mr. Jorge says:

–Good job animals, you are very intelligent and take care of each other. Now we are going to have lunch to celebrate and call someone to take the fox away.


Moral: Solutions are easier to find when working as a team.


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