17 TCPS2

Ethics approval is required by the Government of Canada when conducting research involving human research participants. Each university has their own ethics application process overseen by their Research Ethics Board.

In most cases undergraduate student research specific to a class has had ethics approval completed by your instructor. That said, additional ethics may be required when choosing to work specifically with Indigenous Peoples. Always check with your instructor to make sure you have the correct research ethics approval.

Many of the Government of Canada TCPS2 research ethics regarding Research Involving the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada closely align with the Research Done in a Good Way diagram highlighted in chapter two of this book.

Research done in a good way diagram
Consulting with community and Elders
•Community engagement through the review and approval of research
TCPS2 Chapter 9, articles 9.1 – 9.4
•Recognize Elder and Knowledge Keepers roles in community
TCPS2 Chapter 9, article 9.15
(Government of Canada, 2018)
Offering gifts of reciprocity
•Mutual benefits within the research
TCPS2 Chapter 9, article 9.12 – 9. 13
•Knowledge should be of use to the community, not just the researcher
TCPS2 Chapter 9, article 9.12
(Government of Canada, 2018)
Following Indigenous Protocol
•“Respect community customs and codes of practice”
TCPS2 Chapter 9, article 9.8
(Government of Canada, 2018, para, 63)
Changing perspectives
•Share results with the community – article 9.17
•Intellectual property and attribution belong with the community
TCPS2 Chapter 9, article 9.18
(Government of Canada, 2018)


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