35 A note on citation

Elder & Traditional Knowledge Keeper citation is not yet officially used in APA, MLA or Chicago. These citations were created in consultation with other Indigenous Librarians at NorQuest College and the University of British Columbia. Work is currently being done to advocate for Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper citation inclusion in the official citation guides. As best practices are defined, watch for revisions and updates to Elder/Knowledge Keeper citation recommendations.

Model for publication manual change

If you are submitting a paper for publication be sure to use the official citation rules the publisher has requested or be prepared to discuss the inclusion of your modified practice.

Traditional Western citation does not give citation credit to oral sources.

By citing credible Indigenous oral sources of information you respect the importance of these sources within a Western academic setting and honour the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as per article 31.1. (UNDRIP, 2007)




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