12 Task 9: Draft Your Report and Appendices

Learning Objectives

By the time you complete this section, you will have

  • Review key characteristics of a successful marketing report from your rubric and assignment guidelines
  • Write a first draft for each section of your report

Now that you have completed your research, you are ready to move on to writing your first draft.  A few reminders as you begin:

  1. Now is a good time to review your rubric and assignment guidelines.  You will want these to be fresh in your mind as you write, so that you can ensure that you effectively meet your instructor’s requirements.
  2. Before you write each section, take some time to organize and outline your key information.  This will result in a draft that more clearly presents your key ideas.
  3. Leave time after drafting for the editing process.  Ideally, you will have your first draft complete at least a day or two before the assignment is due.



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