2 Rubric

Learning Objectives

By the time you complete this section, you will have

  • Identified the ways a rubric can help you achieve your goals in this assignment.
  • Reviewed your project rubric.
  • Noted key characteristics of success in this project based on your rubric.

What is a rubric?

When you receive many of your course assignments, you may also receive a copy of the rubric the instructor will use to grade your work.  The rubric provides information on what criteria shape a highly successful assignment.

How to use rubrics

Your assignment instructions and rubric are two of your key tools throughout the process of completing the assignment.  These provide an outline of the criteria that the instructor has set out for a successful assignment. There are two key times to use the rubric and assignment instructions:

  1. Before you start writing: Unfortunately, time may be lost writing something that does not meet the key guidelines you must follow. To avoid this problem, take time to read both the assignment instructions and rubric carefully before beginning. Clarify any areas of confusion with your instructor.
  2. After you have written a draft, but before you submit the assignment: At this point, grade your work according to the rubric. Think carefully and critically. Are there areas where you may not have met the criteria well?  If so, edit your work accordingly, making the needed revisions before submitting the assignment.

The video below provides additional strategies for using rubrics.  When you are finished the video,  you will begin reviewing your assignment rubric, printed below the video on this page.




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