14 Task 11: Format and Polish Your Report

Learning Objectives

By the time you complete this chapter, you will be able to

  • Follow a systematic editing process to revise your first draft
  • Format your business report using appropriate conventions
  • Access additional support for revising your work

Editing Your Report

You’ve completed your first draft.  Congratulations!  But are you really finished your assignment?

Editing is an important step in creating a polished and professional report. Knowing how to edit your work and format it effectively is a key skill for your professional practice.

Complete this video quiz to learn about a systematic process for editing your work.

As you heard in the video quiz, proofreading is another key step in polishing your paper.  If you want to learn more about how to proofread effectively, watch this video.

Following Formatting Conventions

As a business student, you are working to develop your professional writing skills.  Part of this is learning to follow the conventions for formatting business reports.  Your assignment instructions give guidelines for how your report is to be presented.  Complete the quiz below to test your knowledge of these guidelines.

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Accessing Support

The Learning Centre offers writing tutoring in a variety of formats: face to face and online. Because this is a group project, at least two members of your group should be actively involved in tutoring visits.  You can book appointments at tlc.kpu.ca.  Tip: Book an appointment early to be sure you have your preferred time slot.  Appointments can fill up quickly.

If you need assistance booking an appointment, the video below demonstrates the steps.




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