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This Chapter will highlight about

  • What is a Welcome Letter?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are it’s types?
  • How to write it?
  • Sample template
  • Nice to haves in a Welcome Letter
  • Tips to Remember
  • Sample Welcome Letters





What is  a Welcome Letter? 

A welcome letter is an excellent method to make new employees feel at ease before they begin working. These basic letters serve to welcome your new employee to your organization and provide them with any pertinent information for a successful start. They are typically emailed to the new employee by the employee’s manager.

  •  It is a document that introduces the company and its key team members to the new employee and provide the basic information to prepare for the first day of the job.
  • It creates an atmosphere for greater working experience.
  • Here is sample Welcome Letter.

Why is it important to send a welcome letter:

According to a blog written by Serra Doll, there can be multiple reasons to send a welcome letters , Some of them are:

  • It is your way of showing care for new members and employees.
  • More than acknowledgement, it is a chance to make them aware about the company.
  • It helps in building a good foundation for future goals and queries.

Types of Welcome Letters:

  • New customer welcome letter
  • New employee welcome letter
  • New client welcome letter

How to write a welcome letter?

There are various ways of writing a welcome letter. Various sources such as Mighty Recruiter, Indeed , Learn English and many more shows us how can we create a welcome letter. Following are the steps which can be considered to form a new welcome letter:

  • Step 1-Begin with the letterhead/name/email address of the company for maximum attention.
  • Step 2 – Include the Date
  • Step 3-Greet the recipient
  • Step 4– Warm welcoming note along with brief information about the company
  • Step 5– More about the achievements of company and their responsibility towards the company
  • Step 6– Give them idea about their first day ( where to go, whom to contact , company’s dress code etc.)
  • Step 7– Give your contact information in case of any query or doubt
  • Step 8– Show your excitement to work with them
  • Step 9– Conclude and close with a will of meeting them.

Not necessary but nice to have in a welcome letter?

Steps to write a welcome letter and the template for a welcome letter are already discussed in this chapter, Now we can consider some points which are actually ‘nice to have’ in a welcome letter. According to Indeed

  • Add orientation or onboarding schedule.
  • Add links for helping numbers of the company.
  • Add links to the employee tools and resources.
  • Add links for employee handbook.
  • Add the names of colleagues and their designation.

Tips to remember:

Now that we are done with creating a welcome letter, there are some tips to remember before we send a welcome letter. They are:

  • Proofread and edit.
  • Ask company’s legal advisor to re-read it.
  • Add your expectations from them.

Sample of Welcome Letter: 

Templates keep changing from one company to another or from one receiver to another but the basic writing content remains same.

Welcome Letter Template | Free Business Writing TemplatesBrowse Our Example of New Client Welcome Letter Template for Free | New  client welcome letter, Letter templates, Lettering

Video related to writing welcome letters:


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