18 Creating Training or Process Infographics

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this chapter, you will learn about:

  •    Define Process Infographics ?
  •    Define Training Infographics ?
  •    Explain why HR managers use Process Infographics.
  •    Identify the steps to create effective Process or Training Infographics.
  •    Uses of Training or Process Infographic
  •    Identify the common mistakes in creating Process Infographics.
  •    Some widely used tools for developing Process Infographics.
  •    Some Examples of Process Infographics
  •    Samples of  Process Infographic related to HR areas.
  •    Samples of Training Infographic
  •    Video Related to creating Training/ Process Infographic
  •     References

What is Process Infographics?

A Process Infographics is a visual representation of various steps of a complex process to make it easier to read and interpret. According to a blog by Boryslava Omelchenko, “Process infographics (otherwise known as flowcharts or how it works” infographics) describe and show the way a certain process flows. In other words, by using a process infographic you explain how many, in what sequence, and what kind of steps should be taken in a particular process with the help of visuals” (Omelchenko, 2019).  The Job Hiring Process is an example.

What is Training Infographic

There are many visuals and infographic are used for training purpose to train employees on    various things. Training Infographic are used to train new employees and educated those employees who are working with in company.  So, with the help of training infographic, HR managers Provide a relevant information about company’s growth, sales or services, impact and directions about productivity and some different safety measure to keep employees safe. (Vernons, 2016)

Significance of Process Infographics 

Presenting large data in text can be boring for both presenter, and reader. Therefore, infographics are widely used in businesses to represent large and complex processes. An infographic serves various purposes:

  • It visualizes, summarizes, and simplifies the processes (Mcguire, 2020) .
  • If followed thoroughly, it ensures better outcome.
  • It improves decision-making by visualizing step-by-step approach towards a goal (Tomboc, 2020) .
  • It captivates audience’s attention.
  • It increases retention in readers.
  • It is shareable and can reach greater number of people.

According to results of a 2017 Study, 84% of companies who used Infographics found them effective.

Process Infographics for HR managers

Infographics in HR Practices Photo by freepik.com

As a HR manger, you need to focus on several aspects where Infographics can assist you in exceptional way. The areas where this visual communication proves to be beneficial are:

  • Planning
  • Job Posting
  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Selection
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Training
  • Performance management
  • detailed instructions
  • directional guidelines

Steps to create effective Process/Training infographics

Photo by Easel.ly

Use the following steps given by Margie Meacham to create your infographics:

Step 1. Identify the purpose of infographics and collect data.

Step 2. Develop a rough outline of process to have visual idea of how steps follow from beginning to end.

Step 3. Then, choose each step or section and create separate visual for them. Use a short descriptive header or label to define the section.

Step 4. Build charts, graphs, tables, and simple images to represent your information.

Step 5. Give Arrows to your process or training infographic.

Step 6.  Limit the use of text in infographics as it can be hard to read.

Step 7. Try to be creative in using fonts and sizes. As Margie Meacham explained, “For example, if I’m designing an infographic on machine shop safety, I might put the word “danger” in big, bold, red letters.”

Step 8. Choose a title for your Infographics.

Step 9 . Add any resources, references, or footnotes to the bottom of your infographics to help readers have further research.

Step 10.  After that add some social media sharing links in your infographic, so that corporate learners who train and provide e-learning to educate employees can share it

Step 1 1 . In last, audience feedback is necessary to get reviews about infographic. (Christopher, 2016)

For additional help in creating training infographics, check the article by Crystal Hunter

Also, have a look on Do and Don’ts on blog by Orana Velarde

Uses of Training or Process infographic

  • Training Infographic: 
  1. Training  infographic boost the employees performance
  2. Training Infographic make complex easier to understand and interesting (Lydia, 2021)
  3. Training Infographic also used in workplace safety measure.
  4. It is used to train employee regarding company’s productive growth, workplace procedure.
  • Process Infographic: Process Infographics are mainly used to represent the complex process in simple and engaging way. So, there are many areas where we can used process infographic.
  1. Process infographic are  used to Show different  marketing strategies
  2. Process infographic are also used in HR related areas such as : hiring, Onboarding, Recruitment , training and many more
  3. It can be also used to show brand voice on different social media platforms.
  4. HR managers can also used process infographic to define the concept of managerial planning
  5. Process infographic are also used to define the process of Product Designing.  (Sara, 2020)
  • So, Mainly the  difference  between process and training infographic is that there are some visuals such as infographic to show process mapping in different topic and in training infographic there are visuals and infographic used for training purpose to train employees on something related to  real business and workplace safety measure.

Tools to make effective infographics.

Following tools provide creative ideas and in-built templates for businesses processes.

  1. Venngage.com
  2. Visme.co
  3. Canva.com
  4. Piktochart.com
  5. Easel.ly

Some examples of effective infographics

  1. Workplace training Infographics
Photo by Tuvsud.com

Samples of infographic Related to HR Areas

Infographic are a quick and easy way to gain  some interesting information about different  topics. There are many  infographics which HR managers are  used to show different processes related to HR areas are as follows:

1. Planning Process Infographic


Human Resource Planning Process Infographic
Sample By: businessjargons.com


2. Job Posting Process Infographic


A Job Admin Process Infographic
Sample By: Venngage.com



3. Recruitment Process Infographic


Recruitment process Infographic Visual.ly
Sample By : Visual.ly


 4. Hiring Process Infographic


Job Hiring Process Infographic Template
Sample by: venngage.com


 5. Selection Process Infographic

Sample By : SlideGeeks.com


6. Employee Onboarding Infographic


Effective Onboarding Tips for HR Professionals [Infographic]
Sample by : insightsforprofessionals.com


7. Performance Management Process Infographic

Performance management Infographic - 10 practical tips for HR
Sample By: employment-studies.com


 Sample of Training Infographic related to real business or safety     measure:

Infographics to ; Train Employees | Easelly
Source : Easelly.com



Training Infographic Sample
photo by : shutterstock.com

 Videos Related to Training/Process Infographic





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