7 Writing a Rejection Letter


IT is a formal letter or email which provides information to the candidate that he is not selected for the job for which he applied. It provides information to the candidate that they can apply job for another organization. It will be helpful for the candidate that he can continue his job search.


Rejection Letter


  1. First paragraph

Firstly thank the candidate for applying for a job in your company. Then describe the job title and explain about the letter. Explain the application number as well as the date on the top of the letter.

2. Move on to the main purpose of your letter

Tell the candidate that they were not successful to select him. State clear with them you are not selected, and you have to look forward to another job application. You have to explain the reasons in a polite way, such as you can use a decline word rather than rejected. Moving forward, you have to explain why you choose another candidate over him and explain in a positive impression what he needs to improve. In the end, you can also provide him helpful tips which assist him in building up their skills and experiences.

3. Close your letter

In the end, thanks to the candidate for applying and wishing him luck on the rest of their job research.


Rejection letters are disheartening but kind in their own way as they let the candidate know where they stand.



Job Rejection Letter Sample:


Dear [name],

Thank you for taking the time to apply to [position they applied for]. We really appreciate the effort you put into this. We received and have reviewed [a specific number, or “a large number”] of applications.

After reviewing them thoroughly, we felt that other applicants were better suited for [position they applied for]. At this time, we are declining to move forward with your application.

Best of luck with your job search.


[Company/Organization Name]











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