15 Making Staffing Announcements

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Learning Objectives

Explain the purpose, types, and different steps of employee’s announcements.

Key Points

  • Making workforce statement helps in company growth, employee morale and productivity.
  • The proper start to announcement is to familiarize the new employees with the existing staff.
  • Staffing declarations need to be reviewed or updated prior to a present-day requirement. Each should be associated with the company attributes, rules, and job positions.

1. What is Staffing Announcements?

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Staffing Announcements is a process of welcoming the new employees in an organization to tell them about their job, roles, responsibilities, and giving them a platform to begin a conversation with new employee about common interests.

According to the Economic Discussion, “The new staff is introduced to fellow employees, given a tour of the department, and informed about such details as hours of work, overtime lunch period. They mostly informed about the company, the job and work environment with questions and problems”.

It requires a planned approach including number of different steps before making of staffing announcements.

Step 1: Planning

  • Objectives
  • Employ behavior.
  • Employ Characteristics
  • Methods and Strategies
  • Material, aids, and media

Step 2: Execution

  • Instructional System
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Clarify roles

Step 3: Evaluation

  • Analysis
  • Modifying System

Purpose of Writing Staff Announcements

  • For Efficient and effective work
  • For performance and productivity
  • Increasing employee morale
  • To Provide right job description
  • For team – building
  • To providing Guidance about their work.
  • Familiarize the new employees with the former

Types of Staffing Announcements: –

  • New employee announcements: – Hiring a new employee and making announcements is the important things for company and employers. It contains several responsibilities, can boost the confidence of the new hire, having proper match between qualification and skills need for the company.
  • Promotion announcements: – It is the exciting movement for the employee that can be delivered by memo, letter, verbal announcements. It needs effective words to encourage promoted employee for the future actions. Moreover, it describes the new roles and responsibilities.
  • Employee Departure Announcements: – Departure from a company can have many reasons for better opportunities, disciplinary actions, and to upgrade skills. It includes clear purpose and possible reasons for departure. Also, express gratitude to the departing employee for work contributions towards a company.
  • Open role announcements
  • Employee resignation announcements
  • Company merger announcements
  • Company policy updates
  • Organizational restructuring announcements
  • New Software Updates
  • Staff benefits announcements.
  • Deadlines for healthcare updates
  • Company achievements announcements
  • Department and team achievement announcements
  • Employee Achievement announcements
  • Office closure announcements
  • Staff Party announcements

2. Examples of Effective Staffing Announcement

Example 1

Staffing Update Announcement NEW HIRES

______________ is the new ___________ reporting to ______________, ______________.
New hire name                                   Position                                        Supervisor name     Supervisor title.

___________ can be reached at _____________________ or __________________.
First Name                                                              e-mail address                                      phone.



No transfers/promotions currently.



__________, ___________.  Please direct all future correspondence to ________, _________
Name                             Title                                                                                                 Name          Title

at _________________ or _______________.
e-mail address                                      phone

Example 2


This announcement is addressed to all employees of the warehouse department. Due to the deadline of the shipment this week, all employees are expected to work overtime for seven days, starting on next Monday. The overtime work will start from 4 p.m. and lasts for a minimum of two hours.
Suppose you have urgent business to attend to and must skip working overtime, please speak to me to request permission. Thank you for your understanding.

Warehouse Manager

Example 3


Mr. John Doe has been appointed head of our branch office. He has been successfully handling the finance at head office of our firm in Washington. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of accounting. He has been scheduled to visit our office on Monday, 2nd September 2019, accompanied by Mr. Barry Allen, the marketing manager. He will commence work on 3rd September 2019.

H.R. Manager
Kevin Westwood


sample staff announcement

3. Different Modes of Making Staffing Announcements

  • Face to face conference
  • Video recording
  • Via social media
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Call
  • Letters
  • Radio

Tips for Writing Effective Staffing Announcements

  • Statements must be written concisely, clearly, and easily understood.
  • Add facts in the content and daily experience examples.
  • Express gratitude and provide suitable reasons.
  • Information must be short and free from repetition.
  • Proofreading your work before opening the box to avoid misspelling, incorrect phrases, etc.
  • Purpose of your declaration must be cleared because it is not a statement, but it can increase the employees’ level of trust.

Things to be avoid

  • Organization of content is inappropriate.
  • Shown media is not matched to the content.
  • Go off topic.
  • More complex to understand.
  • Incorrect technology setup


A successful new workforce announcement letter sets the tone for the staff’s career with your organization. It generates the motivation in employees towards their work that leads to the overall growth of an organization. It also turns employees to a path of success.



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