Creating a Must Have/ Nice to Have List

                Must-Have            Nice to Have
Time management  skills:

  •         Flexible working hours
  •         Covering  various time zones
  •          Good verbal communication

  • Expect  about other people’s thinking
  • Don’t annoy with others
  • Self-deprecating  about mastery  and proficiency

  • Deal with applicants and companies
  • The capability of finding  the boundary

  •  English, French, Russian, Spanish
  •  Worldwide strong bonding


Communication skills:

  •  A clear and concise statement
  •  Being a good listener
  •  Sure of oneself

  • Representative, supportive and suggesting ideas,
  • Sharing experience

  •  A bachelor’s degree in psychology or business administration
  •  Minimum five years experience in business and marketing
Appreciation and feedback:

  • Don’t misjudge the ability to acknowledge
  • Gaining rational feedback


Time management skills: 

In recruitment, section-time management is a very essential part for every employee, if they work in any different kinds of companies (toggl.com, 2018). Also, they have to need superior verbal communication.


A large proportion of patience has a foremost need of a successful recruiter when he/she deals with companies and candidates. With patience, they can find those types of techniques that are suitable for all (toggl.com, 2018).

Communication skills:

With communication, it helps in making a link between the candidates as well as organizations (toggl.com, 2018). Sometimes it can give a good impression and attract the recruiters, otherwise, it can disappoint the recruiters.


For recruiting, experience is the key point in the field of recruitment. Some people have experience in the business sector; others have in psychology and marketing and in human resources, etc.


Those people, who have open-minded thinking can expect anything from others thinking and they always like the ideas and challenges of other people (Pers Soc Psychol. 1968). Open-minded persons do not irritate the workers when they do any work incorrectly.


Multilingual employees are those who speak more than one language like English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. This trend is expanding in human resources. It helps in making worldwide relations.


Individuals can share their ideas and knowledge in the teamwork and they can support every employee in the difficulty as well as they can share their experience with the co-workers.

Appreciation and feedback:

Feedback helps in a greater understanding of how the progress is going on and how you can do best in the right way. Also, people can watch their presentations with appreciation.









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