16 Orienting An Employee to the Job Culture

Arley’s comments:

You’ve done a great job stating some learning objectives and sharing what job culture is and why it’s important. You’ve also done some research. While I think you’ve done a great job of helping your reader understand what a job culture is, you haven’t yet addressed how to actually orient the employee to the job culture. What steps should an employer take? What are some important ways to share this information? Also, I would have liked to see some examples. What are different workplace cultures and how do different companies orient their employees?

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There is good information here which is organized, easy to follow, and engaging and which is a good introduction to the main topic. It however does not address orienting an employee into the job culture. HR best practice research will need to be done in this area in order to provide insight to your reader/audience on how to do this which will then also expand the Learning Objectives list. Lastly, ensure that APA formatting is being used for citations.

Orienting an Employee to the job Culture

Learning objectives

  • What is a job Culture?
  • Why employees are oriented to the job culture?
  • What includes in the job culture?
  • Advantages of the job culture.

What is a job Culture?

Job culture is an environment that we create at our workplace. It tells about the company that how they work in an organization. What are their values, beliefs. Moreover, every organization have their own culture. Job culture is made to make the employees comfortable, to reduce conflicts and to increase the productivity rate.

Why employees are oriented to the job culture?

Employees are oriented to the job culture because it tells them about the organization. It tells them about their job, what is required for their job, how to manage it, about the hierarchy, what are their goals. What are their policies such as, dress code, attendance .Moreover, it tells the employee whether they are suitable for the job or not.

What includes in the Job culture?

  • Values- Values are important as it makes employee grow and motivated . Job cultural values include Respect, integrity, collaboration .(Dean Mathews , The employee engagement blog).
  • Task-oriented – Every company has their goals and they want their employees to accomplish that goals at appropriate time. So they want their employees to be task oriented, so that they can deliver their work on time.
  • Team Meeting – If every in company will follow the same culture then they will get to know, what are the ground rules of the meeting, tone .
  • Performance- Recognition of employees work. As it will motivate them. It will also increase there  productivity  rate of the company.
  • Innovation-Every organization wants their employee to be innovative.  some organization encourages their employee to take risk and do something innovative and bring something different in the company.

Advantages of orientation of an employee 

  •  High productivity rate – If an employee will know the culture and will be introduced to the goals of the company then the productivity rate will also increase.
  • Less conflicts- If everyone is following the same culture then there will be less conflicts as there will be more understanding.
  • Job satisfaction- If an organization will fulfil the needs of their employees and there are certain values then there will be more job satisfaction.
  • Communication-There will be clear conversation. As everyone’s opinion will be recognized then the communication will be more stronger.

                                                                           How to orient an employee


  There are many ways to orient an employee to a company culture to become them and company successful as well:

  1. when they begin there work send them a welcome letter before employment.
  2. Give them a job description where you write some responsibilities and duties so they can perform well and accomplish their goals.
  3. When they begin their work introduce them with staff, other members and meet them every day for one week so they feel familiar and do work more comfortably.
  4. Show them all the facilities for example bathrooms, fax systems, kitchen and other systems.
  5. If they need any computer training give help them’
  6. Take them to lunch so they become comfortable especially in a lunch time do not say about work. Ask them about their family and friends.
  7. Meet again with them at the end of the day. Ask about the day, work place and difficulties if they feel so they can share their problems with you without any hesitation.
  8. Schedule one-on-one meetings with them on a weekly basis for first six weeks if they are troubling with some challenges and difficulties so they can share with you and solve with guides.http://managementhelp.org

                                                                     Steps for employer for job orientation

An organization will have greater chances of succeeding  if their staff are more capable and comfortable with the company and employer, so there are a lot of steps should employer take to become an organization more successful. The very first thing is job orientation. There are some basic steps for orientation of new employees.

  • Organize a place where they can do their orientation and meet with other employees and become familiar with each other.
  • Introduce them with supervisor because in future they will working together and new employees will report the supervisor, so they have to establish a new relationship early on.
  • Always remember that new employees are human too so never put pressure on them to do extra work, questioning on their past decision and never work with rude and attitude way.
  • Create a positive impression of the organization, so the new employees will not regret to choose your organization.
  • Introduce them to policies and other relevant procedures of company. http://www.cleverism.com/













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