Adapting & Conforming to COVID-19

As individuals, we are constantly changing, conforming, and adapting to new social norms. Since the pandemic has evolved over the 18 months, consumers have been forced to change their ways of life and adapt to mandates that are also rapidly changing as more research comes to light.

During this time, I have experienced a number of changes and have observed different patterns of behaviours within my inner-circle as well. These are some of the typical experiences we may have had before the pandemic.

Before the pandemic:

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Time: Pre-COVID, I was not yet enrolled in University, but was working full-time as a manager at McDonald’s. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I was able to spend time with friends regularly and partake in activities that I love. Some of these activities included: Travelling, Hiking and attending Concerts and Festivals.

Mental Health: Pre-COVID, I was able to focus a great amount of time toward my mental health. I discovered that my mental health was improving a great amount because I was able to make time to see a therapist or meditate, etc.

Hedonic Purchases: A hedonic purchase is a purchase that is based on an individual’s want to obtain desirable items. These could be luxurious items such as: Gucci Slides, a new iPhone or vehicle.

Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty refers to the repetitive purchase to a certain brand. For example, some people prefer iPhone over Android and would continue to make a purchase from Apple whenever they want to upgrade from their old device.

Sensory Receptors: Sensory receptors refer to the use of our five senses: Touch, Smell, Seeing, Taste and Sound to make a decision on a purchase.


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While life before the pandemic seemed relatively uncomplicated, I often struggled to adapt to changing circumstances. Since the end of 2019 I’ve experienced more stress in my life and have noticed that many others also struggle to adapt and conform to new social norms at a quick pace. Additionally, change was also rapidly introduced to our workplaces and the need to adapt and accommodate quickly brought on additional stress and uncertainty.

Finding ways to distract myself from all the change that the pandemic has brought on has helped me adapt and make the best of work and life.

During the pandemic:

How Canada is monitoring COVID-19: Here are a few helpful website regarding how Canada is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic alongisde some information about the vaccine:

  • How Canada is Monitoring COVID-19 –
  • Current Situation –
  • Vaccine Information –

The following link is to a website regarding the Government of Canada’s research conducted on the ongoing pandemic:

Time: Since being enrolled in two universities and working full-time, I have found my time-management skills have dropped. I have not been able to get out with friends as often, spend time with family, shop and partake in all of my other interests. Not only is it because of the restrictions, but also because I have decided to spend time on activities that will get me ahead for my future career.

Money: As the pandemic hit, I decided to move from Kamloops, BC to Langley, BC. Since being in the lower-mainland I have enrolled myself into two universities and have been working full-time. Although CERB was made available, I was considered an essential worker and was unable to take advantage of that service. Luckily, I got two promotions at my job within a year and ended up making more than CERB was offering a month.

Shopping: Shopping trips have gone from daily to weekly or monthly. I have found myself buying more than usual so I could do my part and stay in. I have observed a spike in desire to shop more often online to keep myself busy and distracted.

Mental Health: With a lack of time management, I have not been able to focus on mental health as much, which is why you’ll see a drop within the infographic.

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By Nick Thompson (2021, August)



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