Contributing Student Authors  |  Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Summer 2021

  • Kirsten McInnes, “Understanding Norms, Attitudes, and Brands in Pandemic Times”
  • Kaelee Maude, “Changes in Consumer Motivation During a Pandemic”
  • Heena Bains, “A Pandemic Year in Review from the Consumer Perspective”
  • Chris Han, “A Snapshot of Our Lives as Consumers in the Shadow of a Pandemic”
  • Amryan Somel, “The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact on Social Norms, Persuasion, and Sensation”
  • Evan Strain, “Coronavirus & the Digital Experience”
  • Ajay Pannu, “Gaming & the Pandemic”
  • Nick Thompson, “Adapting & Conforming to COVID-19”
  • Lena Müeller, “Experiencing Cognitive Dissonance During COVID-19”
  • Ravi Vithlani, “Life as a Consumer and (New) Pet Owner in a Pandemic”

Fall 2021

  • Angela Bates, “Conscientious Consumerism during Pandemic Times”
  • Rena Bains, “Purchasing at a Time of Uncertainty”
  • Abida Merali, “Gardening During the Pandemic”
  • Victoriay Ly, “Shopping Experiences Before and During the Pandemic”
  • Mansha Kumar, “How Covid19 Impacted Spending for a New International Student”


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