Mini quizzes from “Gaming & the Pandemic” section are below, with correct answers underlined:

  1. Who created League of Legends and Valorant?
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Epic Games
    Riot Games
  2. Valorant garnered what through League of Legend’s success?
  3. Which platform did Valorant partner with for drops?
    YouTube Gaming
    Facebook Gaming
  4. What are unwritten rules we follow called?
    Social Norms
    Subjective Norms
    Conditional Learning
  5. What is the mentioned examples of Social Norm in Valorant?
    Voice Communication
    Having a mouse and keyboard to play
  6. What are Subjective Norms?
    When those people close to you give you a “stamp of approval” for certain actions and behaviours
    Something from English class
    A theory created by Ivan Pavlov
  7. The use of punishments or reinforcements to make behaviour occur more or less is an example of?
    Instrumental Conditioning
  8. Instrumental Conditioning in gaming is used to?
    Is not used in gaming at all
    Train players about in-gain aim
    Stop toxic behaviour and encourage good behaviour

Crossword from “Gardening During the Pandemic” section:

2. How you perceive your behaviour and abilities (11 letters): Self-concept
6. A Step-by-Step [word] can help us make more thoughtful decisions (21): Decision-making Process
8. The process by which one reaches their full potential (17): Self-actualization
9. Learned standards and shared expectations that we grow up with (12): Cultural Norm
11. Effects created by a business to enhance customer buying experience (12): Atmospherics

1. When individuals are concerned about their security they may behave in this way (21): Prevention Orientation
3. Mental conflict a consumer experiences when a person’s behaviours and beliefs do not align (19): Cognitive Dissonance
4. Customer anxiety after purchase (19): Post-purchase Anxiety
5. One or more available possibilities (11): Alternative
7. Mental shortcuts to help us simplify our interactions with those around us (7): Schemas
10. When a person is longing for a past time (9): Nostalgic


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