16 How are non-residents taxed in Canada?

Ritesh Dhall

ITA 2(3)(a) “Persons” non-resident in Canada are required to pay tax on their “Canadian Source Income”, which is income earned/generated in Canada. (1)

Non-residents of Canada are Taxed if. Image description available..
Figure 15.1 Taxation of non-residents [Image Description]

CRA assess residency based on a variety of factors such as the location of dwelling, where the taxpayer’s dependents and the spouse resides, and other personal property and social ties of the taxpayer to the country amongst others.

For example, assume Ritesh lives in India with his wife and children and generated $10,000 in the year from working in India. He comes to Canada by himself to work temporarily from March 15th to May 15th and, earns $2,000 from Canadian employment during that time. On May 16th Ritesh returns home to India. As Ritesh’s dwelling, spouse and dependents were are in India he would likely be considered a non- resident of Canada and would only be taxable in Canada on the $2,000 employment income earned in Canada. Ritesh would not be taxable in Canada on his employment income from India.

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Figure 15.1 Image Description: Non-residents of Canada will be taxed if employment income is earned in Canada, business income earned in Canada, and gains from real estate sold in Canada. [Return to Figure 15.1]

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