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The Try It! sections of this book include downloadable worksheets for students to actively process the concepts they are learning.  This page compiles the available worksheets for easy reference.


Chapter 2:  Explore the Planning-Monitoring-Evaluation Cycle

Chapter 4: Evaluate Your Learning Skills and Strengths

Chapter 5: Evaluate Your Current Learning Strategies

Chapter 6: Set Goals to Move Ahead

Chapter 7: Analyse Your Course Presentation

Chapter 8: Connect With Your Instructor

Chapter 10: See Your Semester at a Glance

Chapter 11: Create a Weekly Schedule that Works

Chapter 15: Read with a Purpose: The SQ3R Strategy

Chapter 16: Take Notes from Lectures – That You’ll Actually Use

Chapter 22: Develop an Assignment Plan

Chapter 27: Organize Review Sessions Strategically

Chapter 30: Evaluate Your Learning

Chapter 31: Develop a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Evaluation


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