11 See Your Semester at a Glance

See Your Semester at a Glance

A semester schedule gives you a visual picture of the assignments, projects, tests, exams, and field trips that will happen during the semester. If you are taking a number of classes, this is a tool to be able to see what is coming up next.

A semester schedule includes important assignments, tests, exams, and other key events that will happen in your life during the next months. You may wish to use colour to indicate different classes, or to distinguish between your academic events and personal events.

Look at the example semester schedule below. What do you notice about what the student chose to include? What will you include on your semester schedule?


Example Semester Schedule
An Example Semester Schedule (Image Credit: Jarren Ralf)


Try it!

To create your semester schedule, gather the course presentations from all of your courses.  These will tell you the dates of examinations, tests, assignments, and presentations. Add all of these dates to your semester schedule.  Use colour to distinguish different classes if you wish.  Print out this schedule and post it in a place where you will see it often.

Download a printable semester schedule.

Semester Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday Friday    Saturday
Week 1  


Week 2  


Week 3  


Week 4  


Week 5  


Week 6  


Week 7  


Week 4  


Week 8  


Week 9  


Week 10  


Week 11  


Week 12  


Week 13  



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