5 Evaluate Your Current Learning Strategies

ADAPT – Add upper level business skills audit

As you become aware of your learning strengths, you will be able to select effective learning strategies.  Consider the following questions: Who are you now as a learner? What skills and strengths do you already bring to the study process? As you move to the next phase in your business studies, you already bring a foundation of habits and practices with you.  Some may be supporting your success, others may be hindering you from achieving your goals.

In the next learning activity, you will review a chart of helpful study strategies that contribute to success.  Put a checkmark beside the strategies you are currently using.  How do these practices contribute to your success?  You may also observe that you are not yet using a range of effective learning strategies.  Don’t worry!  As you continue to move through this book, you will be exposed to a number of strategies that can contribute to your success.



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