Organizational and managerial wisdom

Brad C. Anderson

Learning Objectives

In this chapter, you will learn the following.

  • What an organization is
  • Individual aspects of wisdom
  • Group aspects of wisdom
  • Organizational elements of wisdom
  • Strategic elements of wisdom

This chapter will first define what organizations are. Then, it delves into specific characteristics of organizational wisdom.

  • Organizations are composed of individuals, so it initially focuses on the attributes of individual wisdom.
  • In organizations, individuals seldom work alone, but rather in groups. The subsequent section, therefore, explores wisdom in groups.
  • Following that, this chapter explores wisdom at the level of the organization.
  • Then, since organizations are embedded in society with multiple stakeholder groups, this section explores wisdom at this strategic level.

As you read these following sections, look for the threads of the three structures identified above (values, knowledge, and action).


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