15 Creating Reference List Citations: Journal Articles

Next, we will use the 4 W’s to look at creating reference citations for the various sources evaluated in the previous chapters. Pay close attention to the punctuation and font emphasis (italic, underline) used.


The 4 Ws for the journal article (there are four slides) 



The citation for the journal article (click image to see it bigger)


  • Author: is the Family name, Initials. for each author, with a comma in between, and an ampersand (the and sign &) before the last author.
    • Authors are always ordered as they appear on the work.
  • Date: is the publication date (Year) of the article.
  • Title: is in sentence-case, as are all titles of works cited in APA Style.
  • Source location: is the Scholarly Journal Title (in Title-Case and italics), Volume number (in italics) and Issue number (in parentheses), the article’s page range, and hyperlinked DOI.
    • Note: The article is part of a larger source (the scholarly journal), so the source is italicized and not the article.


Now try it yourself! 

The Library’s APA Online Guide is a great resource to have on hand for creating reference citations.

Exercise 1: Find the elements needed for a reference list citation for this journal article


Exercise 2: How do you write each citation element in APA Style?

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